Wuzhou Zhongming Tea Industry Co.,Ltd

Wuzhou City Zhongming Tea Industry Co., Ltd., located in the famous "hundred-year-old merchants" of the city of Wuzhou, is a traditional tea-making process and modern advanced technologyCombined, set planting, production, technology research and development, sales in one of the six fort tea enterprises. The company is in Cangwu County, Lingshan County with cooperative tea farm threeMore than a thousand acres, are distributed at an altitude of 600 1500 meters in the mountain forest area. Since its inception, the company has grown steadily, from a small business to aAnnual output of 500 tons of six tea enterprises. Over the years, the company has continuously increased scientific research efforts, the traditional tea-making process to promote transformation and upgrading, through the real The technical reform and expansion of production project, become one of the well-known six fort tea manufacturers in Wuzhou.

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