Hezhou Guiyuan Import And Export Trade Co.,Ltd.

Hezhou Guiyuan Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional dealing in import and export business the company and Established in 2015 approved by The Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Corporation of P.R. China. The main business covers: Industrial Electric Fan building materials and home appliance and so on. Business mode: import and export business, border trade, barter trade, sino-foreign joint venture operation, cooperative production. Our network covered all over China, Europe, United States of America, Japan, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc. Keeping long and steady relationships with many reputable companies in the world, consisting traditional and hi-tech products. We are offering quick and accurate information to the customers.Our company mainly introduces ceramic tile products in this exhibition,Our factory has more than 10 years of experience in ceramic tile research and development, and has many years of service to foreign large-scale engineering companies, wholesalers, and OEM. Welcome to contact us for further consultation.

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