Hengxian NanFang Tea Processing Factory
Hengxian NanFang Tea Processing Factory Hengxian NanFang Tea Processing Factory
No.396 Chang'an Rd. Hengzhou Town, Hengxian County, Nanning City, Guangxi P.R. China 86-771-7227968 [email protected] http://www.lixiang-tea.com/index.html

           Hengxian southern tea factory founded in 1992, is a company engaged in  jasmine, tea cultivation, tea processing, sales and research and development of Nanning agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. The main business of Jasmine Tea, Green Tea, Tieguanyin, the registered trademark "Rika" brand, a total area of more than 20 thousand square meters factory, has 12 primary processing, refining, scenting tea high-tech production line, annual processing of tea, 40 thousand Dan, is Hengxian tea processing scale, scenting technology Jasmine Tea hard processing enterprises the. The Chinese enterprises in Hengxian jasmine garden established a standardized pollution-free Jasmine cultivation base, build pollution-free high-quality tea base in Hengxian Nanshan, tea tea tea base in southern Hengxian has become the first in Guangxi District of selenium rich agricultural products association "of Se enriched tea".
Pay attention to the science and technology enterprises, with the "enterprise technology center", responsible for product development and technological innovation, has 24 national patents, and China Institute of Tea Research Institute, Guangxi University, Guangxi Teachers Education University, Guangxi Vocational and Technical College and Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other research institutes to establish a "production of" technology innovation cooperation.
In recent years, the implementation of brand strategy, "Linxiang District of Guangxi Industrial and Commercial Bureau" trademark was identified as "Guangxi famous trademark", "Rika" brand Jasmine Tea won the brand-name products in Guangxi, and won six consecutive national quality Jasmine Tea quality appraisal award, won the "Guangxi Cup" Guangxi famous tea competition, won the silver medal the Ministry of agriculture, agricultural products development service center of "excellent brand", won the twenty-second session of China Yangling agricultural hi tech fair "Houji Award", awarded Chinese Tea Circulation Association awarded the "national ten outstanding Jasmine Tea processing enterprises", won the National Technical Supervision Bureau awarded "the protection of geographical indications of special signs of products, enterprises through the enterprise" ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification and Nanning city "enterprise technology center" that.

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