Guangxi Qinglong Chemical Building Material Co., Ltd.
Funan Road, Overseas Chinese Management District, Long'an County, Nanning City, Guangxi Province +86 15077111034 [email protected]

Qinglong Group was established in 1997. It is an integrated manufacturer of waterproof coatings, waterproof membranes, and GRC/GRP/GRG architectural decoration components. It has two production bases located in Longan, Guangxi and Zhongshan, Guangdong. The company has an annual output of 30 million square meters of high-quality waterproof coiled materials, 30,000 tons of waterproof coatings, 30,000 cubic meters of waterproof mortar, and 500,000 square meters of GRC art products. After 23 years of development, there are more than 1,000 agents nationwide and at home and abroad. Qinglong Group keeps the building from leaking and makes the building beautiful.

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