Guangxi Nanning Zunming Tea Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Nanning Zunming Tea Co., Ltd. is composed of a professional team with rich experience in tea production and export industry, focusing on the production and export of various raw teas and the production and sales of Zunya brand series of packaged teas. After years of hard work, it has developed into a leading tea export enterprise in Guangxi. To
The company has fixed tea plantation bases in Guangxi and Yunnan and a standard tea production and processing plant in Nanning Economic and Technological Development Zone. It has been certified as an export tea production and processing base by the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The entire production process from the fresh leaves of the tea garden to the final product is strictly managed in accordance with the food hygiene standards of the European and American markets, and the product quality meets the most stringent EU food hygiene standards in the world. The company has established and operated a complete and comprehensive quality management system and won the ISO22000 food safety management system certification and the HACCP system certification. Products are exported to Western Europe and North America for a long time, and stable users include international beverage industry leaders.

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