Product Specifications

  • Main frame material : Steel
  • Seat Width: 20″、22″、24″
  • 1PC / CS


Product Specifications

  1. Main frame material : Steel
  2. Seat Width: 20″、22″、24″
  3. 1PC / CS

Product Features

  • Removable desk-length of full-length armrest, detachable swing-away footrest, double cross braces
  • 8″ front castor and 24″ Mag wheels

Product Usage

It is suitable for people with paraplegia, hemiplegia, inconvenience of movement or weakness of lower limbs who cannot stand, or driven by nurses behind their backs. It is an important rehabilitation tool for the disabled to take care of themselves. Many people with disabilities. Although they have lost the ability to walk, with the help of wheelchairs, they can take care of themselves, take care of housework, and even be competent for proper full-time work.

Product Advantages

  • Removable desk-length or full-length armrest.
  • Can be folded to save the storage space.
  • Detachable swing-awa footrest, you can remove or replace the swing-away footrest or elevating footrest by yourself.


  • When retracting the wheelchair, lightly press both sides of the seat cushion, and the wheelchair will be easily deployed;
  • When getting on the car, first pull the parking brake, brake the left and right rear wheels, retract the pedals, and unfold the pedals, and release the parking brake to push.
  • When getting out of the car, first pull the parking brake, brake the left and right rear wheels, turn up the foot pedals, then slowly get up and leave the wheelchair, or the escort can help to leave the wheelchair.

After-sale warranty

Warranty is within a year after shipping.


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