Special faucet for garden water pipe


Quick-open series faucets have various shapes of outlets, suitable for garden or indoor water pipes.

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Product details: using first-hand new PP plastic materials, exquisite, quick-opening design. There are a variety of options for the water outlet, flat nozzle, integrated nozzle and quick and easy hose nozzle. In particular, the quick and easy-to-connect faucet can fix the ordinary hose to the faucet, without the need of external auxiliary tools to ensure that the hose does not leak when any high water pressure is discharged, so that the farm and garden can be irrigated easily and effectively.
Product picture: 5 sheets (see special series for water pipes)

Unit price (USD): USD135 (normal with mouth)
Unit: 1 box (300PCS)
Quantity price range: 1~3 CTN: USD135
4~10CTN: USD115
>10CTN: USD106



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Guilin Yunsu Enterprise was developed from Hexin Faucet Factory, which has 25 years of research and development and production of plastic faucets and valve products. All kinds of plastic faucets and pipe fittings have been awarded as high-tech enterprises by the National Torch Plan project certificate. Among them, the diaphragm valve core faucet has obtained a number of national technical patents. It has the advantages of wear resistance and pressure resistance, smooth operation, no rust, no leakage, etc., which changes the characteristics of the old plastic faucet valve core that is easy to wear and has a short service life. The novel product design even replaces the copper core iron faucet which is easy to rust and pollutes water quality and becomes the first choice of the Chinese people. Because it uses Sinopec's new PP plastic refined injection molding, it is environmentally friendly and durable. The accessories used have passed the US FDA food inspection, so that the health of users is guaranteed. Yunsu products passed the international ISO quality management system certification in 2016, and were insured by PICC in 2017! The products have been sold nationwide and many countries in Europe, America and Africa.