QTJ5-20 concrete block making machine

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Product information


Name:QTJ5-20 concrete block making machine





QTJ5-20 concrete block making machine



Product Features


QTJ series automatic mechanical block forming machine automatic series products,

for many years by the small and medium brick field welcome the best-selling products.


The equipment is designed with mechanical transmission system,

and PLC bus control is adopted for electrical system to realize all automation of block production.


Reliable operation, easy operation and maintenance, high degree of automation.

With the use of auxiliary equipment such as brick stacking machine, cement powder tank and batching machine,

the automation of the whole production line can be realized,

the labor cost can be effectively reduced and the production efficiency can be improved.


QTJ5-20 concrete block making machine



Product advantages


Control system:

Adopted with Taiwan intelligent programmable logic controller (PLC) and high performance LCD,

our brick machines can realize the man-machine conversation and fully automatic intelligent operation.

High efficient vibration system:

Adopt intelligent control and synchronous vertical vibration techniques.

Bricks formed by synchronous vibrations of press head and mould table,

which makes the forming speed faster and the bricks denser.

Machinery Manufacturing:

Made of high strength steels according to the national standard.

Special welding techniques and advanced mechanical working processes bring high precision,

durable and a long service life.

Transmission system:

Adopted with mechanical transmission and two pillars oriented.

Simple and compact structure brings it stable and consecutive actions and easy to be maintained.

Feeding system:

Adopt the forced advanced rotating arch breaker.

It is suitable for various materials, and the process is uniform and quick.

QTJ5-20 concrete block making machine



Product Usage


For the production of concrete block products

QTJ5-20 concrete block making machine


After-sale warranty

one year.

we can provide technicians overseas on-site guidance installation services.



Machine runs automaticlly while water and electricty provided


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