Polished tile

by Guangxi Wuzhou Zhongjin International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Wandering in luxury and comfort, the beauty of many aspects are condensed together, dedicated to you close to life, close to the heart of the romantic.

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[Product name] Polished tile
[Product material] Clay
[Commodity brand] Wuzhou Zhongjin
[Product Standard] Government standard
[Product size] 600×600 800×800 1000×1000 mm
[Product function] Used for building materials and decoration
[Product color] Gary
[Product application] Suitable for shopping malls, supermarkets, home decoration, office building decoration
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Unit price (USD): FOB$3.40/M2
Unit: square meters
Quantity price range:
1000-3000 $3.40
3000-6000 $3.39
>6000 $3.38


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Zhongjin company has more than 15 years of experience in ceramic sales, export business throughout the world, the main sales: marble tiles, marble middle board, polished brick, pure color brick, archaize glazed brick, all glazed, outdoor permeable brick, products show international modern design decoration living space. There are fixed export volume every month, and maintain a stable relationship with customers.Product classification: polished tiles, glazed tiles, whole body tiles, marble tiles.