Plywood wooden hanger

by Guilin Maojia Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.

The plywood hanger is 42CM long, 1.2CM thick, with indented round rod, 3.4MM chrome-plated round head dislocation hook, natural matte.

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[Product name] Plywood wooden hanger
[Product material] Plywood
[Product brand] MAOS
[Product Standard] Daily General
[Product size] Length 42CM, thickness 1.2CM, 3.4MM chrome-plated round head hook.
[Product function] Clothing display and drying
[Product color] The surface of the clothes hanger is treated with matte transparent paint, which clearly presents the original color wood grain texture.
[Product Application] Multifunctional use, suitable for storage or display of men’s and women’s jackets, shirts, T-shirts, culottes, towels and other light clothing. Product pictures: 1-5 sheets (format: 800px*800px less than 2M)

Unit price (USD): FOB SHENZEHN $0.52
unit: PCS
Quantity price range:
3000 $0.52
1000-2000 $ 0.54


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