PE polyethylene feed pipe, Non toxic hygiene, Corrosion resistance and High toughnes

by Liuzhou Biaohuang Import & Export Co., LTD

  • Product material: Polyethylene
  • Product size: 20-800mm, Bundling and bulk
  • Product characteristics: Non toxic hygiene / Corrosion resistance / Low temperature resistance / High toughness / Low energy consumption /  Long service life


  • Product Specifications

Product material: Polyethylene
Product size: 20-800mm, Bundling and bulk

  • Product Characteristics

  1.  Non toxic hygiene: Polyethylene pipes are strictly hygienic tested. The standard of pipes is CB / T13663-2000. And the hygienic properties of drinking water pipes meet the requirements of GB / T17219. Non-toxic, hygienic and never scaling can effectively improve the water quality of the pipe network and serve as green building materials.
  2.  Corrosion resistance: Polyethylene is inert material with excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to various chemicals, rust free and electrochemical corrosion.
  3.  Low temperature resistance: Polyethylene has low temperature embrittlement temperature and can be used safely in the range of-60-60℃.
  4.  High toughness: The elongation of PE pipe is more than 500%, and the bending radius is 20-25 times the diameter of the pipe. The polyethylene pipe can be rolled and rolled, avoiding a large number of joints and fittings. It has strong adaptability to uneven settlement of foundation, and is resistant to environmental stress cracking, scratch resistance and seismic resistance.
  5.  Low energy consumption: Low friction coefficient of pipe wall, small flow resistance and strong conveying capacity.
  6.  Long service life: PE service life of pipes is more than 50 years, aging resistance. After recycling, water and carbon dioxide can be generated.
  • Scope of Application

Urban water supply network system, industrial raw material delivery pipeline, garden greening water supply network, sewage box office, ore, slurry transportation, agricultural irrigation and so on.

  • Connection Mode

Hot melt connection, electric fusion connection, socket type flexible connection, flange connection, steel plastic transition joint connection.

  • Pipe Connection

PE water supply pipe connection has hot melt connection and electric melting connection. Hot melt connection is divided into hot melt socket connection and hot melt butt joint. Electric melting connection is divided into electric melting socket connection and fused saddle type connection.

  1. Material preparation: place the pipes or fittings in a flat position and put them on the docking machine, leaving 10-20mm cutting allowance.
  2. Clamping: according to the welded pipe and pipe fittings, choose the appropriate clamping fixture and clamping tube to prepare for cutting.
  3. Cutting: cutting the welding pipe section, pipe end face impurities and oxidation layer, ensure that the two butt end face is smooth, clean and free from impurities.
  4. Pairs of middle: two welded pipe ends should be completely aligned, the smaller the smaller the better, the wrong side should not exceed the 10%. Of the wall thickness, otherwise, the quality of the butt joint will be affected.
  5. Heating: the butting temperature is generally between 210-230℃. The heating time of heating plate is different from that of winter and summer, and the melting length of two face is 1-2mm.
  6. Switch: remove the heating plate and quickly make the two hot melt surface stick and pressurize. In order to ensure the quality of melting butt, the shorter the switching period is the better.
  7. Melting butt joint is the key to welding. Butt welding should always be carried out under the melting pressure. The width of the crimp is 2-4mm.
  8. Cooling:keep the butt pressure constant, allow the interface to cool slowly,and the cooling time will be stiff with the touch of the edge, so that the heat will not be felt.
  9. Docking: after cooling, Sunca Kauwa, remove the docking machine and re prepare the next interface connection.
  • After-sales guarantee: one year


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