PE hose pillow

by Guangxi Honghui Home Technology Co., Ltd

The material of PE hose pillow is resin itself, no organic matter exists, anti mite and will not breed mold, no odor, so that the pillow will not be invaded by mites. The environmental protection material is non-toxic and tasteless. The hollow air flow in the middle of the hose can flow freely, which will not produce odor and retain moisture, and has good heat release property

In line with the ergonomic height, free adjustment, good elasticity and flexibility of PE pipe is its unique characteristics, high stability, not easy to deformation After long-term use, it still keeps high, and will not produce noise in use; the high elastic tube has fluidity and support force, and will change according to the change of sleep posture. Its soft and hard degree is suitable for human sleep, and it can give good support effect in use, so as to get better sleep quality.

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Unit price: 58 yuan / piece

Weight: 1.25-1.5kg (thickness and size can be customized)

Specification: 35 * 50 * 8cm

Quantity price range: 58-80 yuan / piece


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