Old Tree Ecological 1315

by Cangwu Liubao Tea Industry Company Limited

  • Product Name: Old Tree Ecological 1315
  • Series: The Wild of Cangwu
  • Raw material: Liubao tea Maocha
  • Net content: 150g/bag
  • Aging start date: September 9, 2012
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About the Product

Recommended reason: This tin box is an overseas version, specially designed for overseas sales. The special traditional craftsmanship has achieved the unique Liubao taste of its ecological tea. The dry tea sticks are thick and strong, with traces from the wilderness, the tea is rich in aroma, and the taste is sweet.

  1. Product Name: Old Tree Ecological 1315
  2. Series: The Wild of Cangwu
  3. Raw material: Liubao tea Maocha
  4. Net content: 150g/bag
  5. Aging start date: September 9, 2012





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Cangwu Liubao Tea Industry Company Limited

Located in Guanyingpin Liubao Town, Wuzhou, Guangxi Province, Cangsong Tea Factory is a tea factory with a history of more than 60 years. It developed from the Liubao Commune Tea Factory built in 1955 which was the major raw material producer of Liubao Tea.

Originated from all the raw craft store of Liubao Tea which were shut down in 1976, Cangsong Liubao Tea Community was established and started to refine and export Liubao Tea. In 1970s, the productivity of Cangsong Liubao Tea Community was about 20000 hundredweight per year, making it the largest Liubao Tea manufacturing company.

In 2006, Cangsong Tea Factory was successfully reorganized and became a Liubao tea enterprise made with Cangsong®. Its Liubao raw tea, regular Liubao Tea and organic Liubao Tea are popular and well-known by their unique and authentic taste.
Nowadays, based on the original Tea farm established in 1960s, Cangsong is able to breed 6 million authentic Liubao Tea seedling, which makes it the largest Liubao Tea breeding base in Wuzhou. In 2008, Cangsong’s Tea farm in Guanyingping, Wuzhou, obtained certification of organic Liubao Tea from China Organic Food Certification Center. In 2011, another Tea farm called Penlong Tea farm is qualified for the same certification as well. In 2014, these two Tea farms have obtained the organic certification in the U.S. and the EU. In 2016, the organic certifications are also obtained in Canada and Japan. All of these certifications are still valid until now, making Cangsong the only Liubao Tea company which has obtained organic certification from the U.S., the EU, Canada and Japan in Liubao Tea industry. Until 2019, Cangsong has approximately 600 acres organic Liubao Tea farm.

We carefully take care of breeding, picking and refining process by ourselves, making the original Liubao Tea in our old tea factory, which makes Cangsong a tea factory with a complete manufacturing chain. Having the oldest tea factory and tea farm is Cangsong’s advantage. Cangsong runs our tea farm and develops our breeding facility in a well-developed manner. Cangsong not only has more than 3000 acres tea farm but also produce Liupao tea with the best quality and safety level in an organic way. Many batches of our Liupao tea are awarded many prizes in Liupao tea industry, such as the first prize of “National Tea Cup” and the first prize of “Chinese Tea Competition”. Cangsong became one of the leading companies in agricultural industry. Some programs are launched by us to help low-income villages around Wuzhou to increase their income by join our manufacturing chain. By doing so, we are awarded “Leading Company in Poor Supporting”. We are also awarded “Guangxi famous trademark”, “Guangxi’s Time-Honored Brand” and “Top 30 Most Beautiful Tea Farm”.

At the Origin of Liubao Tea, we stick to the traditional manufacturing technique and incorporate with modern refining facility. Our goal is to make the best liubao tea and to be the leader in traditional liubao Tea industry.