No addition bixueluo Jasmine Green Tea

by Hengxian NanFang Tea Processing Factory

Product Type : Jasmine Green Tea

Net Weight : 250g

Shelf life : 18 months

Certification : HACCP, ISO 22000

Ingredients : Green tea, Hengxian jasmine flower

Product Grade : Superior grade, good quality A

Packaging : Small packet( paper packet, tin can, gift packing),bulk packing

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Product information


Name:Bixueluo jasmine green tea

Type : Flower Tea

   Ingredients : Green tea, Hengxian jasmine flower

      Net Weight : 250g                   Shelf life : 18 months

Product Grade : Superior grade, good quality

Apperance : Greenish auburn, dragon ball

Function : Clear vision, refreshing and brain awakening

      ACertification : HACCP, ISO 22000                      Style : Loose Tea

Brand Name : LixiangPlace of             Origin : Nanning city, China

         Processing Type : Hand Made                           Model No. : NF-ML02

       Sample : Available                         Specialty : Health tea, slimming tea

 Taste : Pure, heavy and strong                                 MOQ : 1kg

          Color of Soup : Yellow bright             Keyword : curl, jasmine, green tea


Dragon ball Jasmine Green Tea


Product Features


Bixueluo Jasmine Green Tea is made by a special scenting process

which is our best and exquisite jasmine tea

It is drunk sweet and you will feel pleasant fragance, and it can be brewed for 4-5 times


No addition bixueluo Jasmine Green Tea


Product advantages


1、Provide OEM or ODM service.

2、annual yield over 50 tons, direct sale and direct export;

3、National Geographic Landmark Protection products。

4、has the advantage on raw material, authentic jasmine tea with nice taste.

5、superior grade with strong jasmine aroma, nice taste, it can be brew for 3-4 times.

6、One of the representative products made by the inheritor of China intagible cultural heritage for jasmine tea craftmanship.


No addition bixueluo Jasmine Green Tea    No addition bixueluo Jasmine Green Tea


Scope of application


Gift collection

Traditional drinking way for tea

Ice tea/Bubble milk tea drink

Clear vision, refreshing and brain awakening


Dragon ball Jasmine Green Tea


Brewing advice


1、Usually take 4g Jasmine tea per 200ml (7oz) water.

2、 The water temperature for brewing green tea should be around 80º C.

3、put 4g jasmine into a cup and pour 200ml 85°C hot water for about 2 minutes

     then enjoy the tea. it could be brew 3-4 times.


No addition bixueluo Jasmine Green Tea            No addition bixueluo Jasmine Green Tea




No addition bixueluo Jasmine Green Tea


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Dragon ball Jasmine Green Tea


R&D Service Center


Dragon ball Jasmine Green Tea



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