M30 Pro AI smart face recognition, 6.49 inch Full Screen, 128GB of Storage, Long Lasting Battery,Dual SIM Dual Standby, Black/White/Blue

by Guangxi G&M Enterprise Management Co.LTD -3C

  • 6GB+128GB | 8 Core | 6.49 inch Full Screen

13.0MP+21.0MP | 3700mAh | Face ID | Fingerprint ID

  • Color: Black, White, Blue
  • “Incell”technology 6.49 inch HD water drop screen.
  • 3D light and shadow body High-value strength faction.
  • 6GB+128GB large memory and 8 core processor. Accelerate the engine, AI intelligently diagnoses abnormalities, optimizes and repairs in time.
  • 2100W pixels HD beauty camera.
  • AI smart facial recognition, unlock new experience.
  • Fingerprint unlocking, fast unlocking one step faster.
  • Operating System: Android.
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  • 6.49 inch Full Screen | 6GB+128GB | 8 Core | 2100HD pixels

  • Incell HD water drop screen

The 6.49-inch full HD screen, 93.8% of the screen-to-body ratio, but still maintains the grip of a traditional 5.58 inch mobile phone. That with high resolution and high pixel density.

  • 3D fast light and shadow body

The 3D four-curved shape design has been continuously optimized to provide a more comfortable grip feeling. The finely crafted objects make the light and shadow in the palm change.

  • 8 Core processor

High capacity and high speed. It’s good for taking pictures and videos with big storage.

  • 6GB +128GB

Accelerate the engine. AI intelligently diagnoses abnormalities, optimizes and repairs in time. That effectively avoids large games from locking up.

  • 2100W HD pixels, redefined the world of clear images

With 2100W pixels in the rear, whether it is a large scene, a micro world / a distant view / a portrait, or a blur effect also can be easily done.

  • 5X hybrid optical zoom

The brand-new night scene shooting technology, multiple photos in one instant. Can also bring clear performance in the dark environment to keep you charming night.

  • 1300W front beauty camera

The front uses a 1300W pixel camera with high-definition pixels, allowing you to take selfies more clearly. Esily capture the beauty of various details and professional skin beautification effects.

  • AI smart face recognition, instantly unlock new experience

Support face recognition, quickly and accurately analyze facial features. Closing your eyes without unlocking, and powering on more peace of mind.

  • Fingerprint unlocking is extraordinary

The fingerprint unlocking design on the back, it can be unlocked with a touch. The recognition is more sensitive, and the black screen can be unlocked as fast as 0.2 seconds.

  • 3700mAh large battery / Type-C fast charge

Equipped with a large 3700mAh battery, not only is the battery powerful, and has a faster and safer fast charging technology. Fragmentation time quick replenishment of power, and brings a sense of security of power all-weather. But more importantly, it is not hot to play while charging.

  • 4G+GPS / Dual SIM Dual Standby Full Netcom

AI dual-frequency positioning technology make your navigation more accurate. Support dual card dual standby full Netcom and Wi-Fi dual antennas, high-speed and stable network connection.

  • Wireless same-screen gameplay, enjoy the big screen experience

Connect wireless devices with the same screen through the router, and enjoy the big screen experience with just one click. It realize many new gameplay methods such as big screen games, TV shows and videos.

  • Three-finger screenshots

Swipe down with three fingers to achieve quick screenshot function, and save chat history. The picture can be saved to the phone album in minutes, which is quick and convenient.

  • AI smart voice assistant easily enjoy smart life

Built-in AI intelligent voice function, only one step wake-up. You can make voice calls, check the weather, set alarms, listen to music, etc., and enjoy smart life easily.

  • Smart split screen

The continuous upgrade is to enhance the user experience. You can reply to WeChat messages at any time without having to log out while playing the game.

  • Support WeChat and QQ software dual opening to make life smarter

    Using the powerful performance nowadays, it supports multiple openings of WeChat and QQ. Taking into account work and life, and you can maintain normal chat by switching at will. It can making leisure time more comfortable.


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