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Yao Jingjian, the expert in charge of the Liupao tea products R&D and production in Shengyuan Company,has been engaged in Liupao tea R&D Since 1971 and known as a leading authority in Liupao tea manufacturing field.

Applying the “double-distilled and compressed core technique on processing raw tea material to ensure the quality control of the production process,Shengyuan company has developed a modern production line com- bining conventional processes and advanced technique to realized scientific, clean and standardized production.

It is the increased quality and cleanliness makes Liupao tea products of Shengyuan company comes with authentic enduring flavor and unforgettable mellow taste.

The high quality Liupao tea product of Shengyuan company makes customers easy to store for further aging.

Age Liupao tea of Shengyuan company exhibits a brown and red color, thickness, aged fragrant and mellow taste, which considered to be the most out-standing characters of Liupao tea.



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With the mission "to provide customers with safe authentic Liupao tea", taking"to combine both the past and present, to inherit and develop, to elaborate, to manage with integrity "as development ideal, Shengyuan Tea Co. Ltd merges plantation, processing and sale, which is located in Wuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autono- mous Region. Shengyuan Tea Co. Ltd is the leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization of Wuzhou City and one of the key anti-poverty enterprises of Wuzhou City