Hollow glass

by Guangxi Yikai Glass Technology Co., Ltd.

Insulating glass consists of two or more pieces of glass separated by a space of a certain width with an aluminum frame filled with high-efficiency molecular sieve adsorbents, and a glass assembly made of high-strength sealant on the edges. According to needs, ordinary transparent glass, colored glass, heat-reflective coated glass, LOW-E glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, hot-bent glass, etc. can be used as the substrate. The sealed air in the hollow glass becomes dry air with very low thermal conductivity under the action of the high-efficiency molecular sieve adsorbent filled in the aluminum frame strip, thus forming a heat insulation and noise barrier. Filling the space with inert gas can further improve heat and sound insulation performance.

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Product details:

hermal performance: The thermal insulation performance is the most ideal among all glass deep-processing products so far, which can effectively reduce the heat transfer coefficient U value. If filled with inert gases such as neon, argon, and helium, the heat transfer can be further reduced coefficient.
Sound insulation performance: an ideal noise reduction material. Generally, hollow glass can reduce noise by about 30 decibels. If filled with inert gas, it can be reduced by about 5 decibels on the original basis.
No condensation at low temperature: Because the spacer is filled with enough desiccant, it can effectively absorb the water vapor that may penetrate into the inner cavity and the outside to ensure that the air in the inner cavity is absolutely dry.
Optical performance: According to the needs of the substrate, different products can be flexibly combined to achieve the required light transmittance and reflectivity.
Light weight: Under the same heat insulation effect, replacing part of the brick wall or concrete wall with hollow glass can reduce the building load and simplify the building structure.

Unit: square
Quantity price range: size: maximum: 1950×2580mm (except manual); minimum: 250×450mm
Interval aluminum frame thickness (conventional): 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm
Glass thickness: 3mm-19mm various combinations


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