HG203 polyurethane waterproof sealing paint

by Guangxi Qinglong Chemical Building Material Co., Ltd.

CQ101 is an environmentally friendly one-component water-curing polyurethane waterproof sealing coating developed by Qinglong Company, which can be used as a waterproof coating for drinking water level projects.

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HG203 is a truly environmentally friendly one-component water-curing polyurethane waterproof sealing coating developed by Zhongshan Qinglong Chemical Building Materials Co., Ltd. with the introduction of the most advanced high-tech technology from the United States and imported raw materials. This new type of waterproof sealing paint has passed the scientific and technological achievement appraisal of the Guangdong Provincial Construction Committee and obtained the Guangdong Provincial Key New Product Certificate.
Product Features
1. Add 20% water as a curing agent when in use, which is a reactive curing product; suitable for wet base surfaces.
2. 100% environmentally friendly products, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting environment after curing, suitable for drinking water projects.
3. The solid content can be as high as 100%, and the material used per unit area is small; the required thickness can be achieved in one construction.
4. The coating film has high tensile strength, good elongation performance, high bonding humidity, heat resistance, cold resistance (-40℃-95℃), chemical resistance, aging resistance, mildew resistance, and flame retardancy.
5. The basic color of the coating film is white, and various colors can be painted on the surface of the coating film, or can be made into various colors according to user requirements to achieve a waterproof decorative effect.
6. It can be made by adding rubber powder to make an anti-leakage sealant, adding sand to make a non-slip layer, or adding a light hollow filler to make a thermal insulation coating.
7. Easy to use and maintain, labor saving, time saving, cost saving and safe.
Scope of application
1. It can be used for waterproofing and anti-seepage of various water conservancy projects, subways, tunnels, bridges, and underground construction projects.
2. Inclined flat roofs, canopies, gutters and various unplanned roofs of industrial and civil buildings.
3. Indoor floors, toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens, flower beds, hot spring pools, swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, drinking water pools, hydraulic construction plants,
4. Overall waterproofing of cold storage floors, etc.
5. External anticorrosion of chemical plants, steel plants, power stations, etc., heat insulation, heat preservation and anticorrosion of various pipelines.
6. Repair of cracks in buildings and seal of expansion joints.
Construction requirements
1. The base layer of HG203 must be firm, clean, free of dust, oil, sand, and water. Defects such as cracks should be repaired first, and the male and female corners should be made into arcs.
2. Stir the paint in the container evenly before coating without leaving any sediment on the bottom, then add 20% clean water and stir evenly to apply brushing, scraping or mechanical spraying.
3. The flat surface can be formed at one time during coating. In order to prevent the façade from flowing during one-time forming, a very thin layer can be applied to the base surface. The paint residence time in the container is about 5-10 minutes.
4. (Depending on the site temperature and environment), then construct the required thickness on the base layer at one time.
5. The construction environment temperature should be higher than 0℃.
6. If you need to apply the second coat, you must not step on it after 24 hours (subject to non-sticky feet), and the master is not allowed to step on it before it is fully cured.
Material consumption 1.5kg-2.0kg/㎡ (thickness 1.5mm-2.0mm)
Storage and packaging
1. When storing, the material barrel should be sealed to prevent moisture absorption and mixing of impurities. Store in a ventilated and cool warehouse.
2. The storage period of this product is twelve months, and it can still be used after the storage period has passed.
3. This product is non-flammable. It should be transported to prevent collision, sun and rain, and keep the packaging intact.
4. Sealed and packed in iron drums
5. Specifications: 20kg/barrel, 5kg/barrel, 1kg/barrel.
1. The prepared paint must be used up within 30 minutes. After the construction is completed, HG203 special cleaning agent should be used immediately
Or ester cleaning tools and containers.
2. It is a normal phenomenon that the paint in the container has sedimentation and does not affect normal use.
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