HDPE double wall bellows

by Liuzhou Biaohuang Import & Export Co., LTD

PE bellows,Fluid transportation and ventilation;Protective sleeves and communication cables.

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Product Details:

HDPE double wall bellows


[Product brand] BH

[Product Standard] None

[Product size] 110-800mm

[Product Features]
Fluid transportation and ventilation;Protective sleeves and communication cables

[Product color]

[Product Application]
Municipal Drainage and sewerage system engineering; underground drainage and drainage for apartments and residential quarters;
Highway buried pipeline, underground drainage network of golf course;
Water conservancy projects such as irrigation and water delivery and drainage of farmland water conservancy;
Chemical and mine used for fluid transportation and ventilation;

Protective sleeves and communication cables for underground pipelines.

Product pictures: 1-5 sheets (format: 800px*800px less than 2M)
Unit price (USD): $55.64
Unit: mm
Price range of outer diameter wall thickness:
DN200-DN800 $3.64-55.64


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