Shelf Life: 3 years

Permit No. B20020993

Preservation: Store in a cool & dry place

Usage: One lozenge per time, allow to slowly dissolve in mouth

Packing: 6 tablets in a blister-pack, 2 packs per small box

Manufactured by: Guangxi Golden Throat Co., Ltd

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Manufactured by: Guangxi Golden Throat Co., Ltd

Usage: One lozenge per time, allow to slowly dissolve in mouth

Packing: 6 tablets in a blister-pack, 2 packs per small box

Preservation: Store in a cool & dry place

Shelf Life: 3 years



Two packaging sizes



Big box size: 585mm*343mm*355mm

Small box size: 68mm*102mm*19mm



Four Characteristics


 Fast treatment effect

Slow dissolve time

Protecting throat with cytology theory, eliminating throat residue

protecting throat cells and supporting throat activities

Stops bad breath, refreshes mind and body






Stops bad breath

Soothes all kinds of throat discomforts, such as hoarse voice, sore

throat, dry cough, throat congestion





Cane Sugar, Honey Suckle, Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil

Grosvenor Momordica Fruit(Luohan Fruit), Tangerine, Star Anise Oil







1. Hoarse voice or unfavorable voice, low and thick voice,

mute and aphonia, vocal cord congestion, etc

2. People who have throat discomfort due to excessive use of the voice:

such as teachers, cast members, announcers, journalists

Authors, etc… are the best products for professionals engaged in marketing,

public relations, tour guides, and karaoke enthusiasts.

3. People who are troubled by excessive tobacco and alcohol,

barbecued hot food stimulation, polluted air stimulation, etc., medical insurance

The first choice for health


Protect the throat and moisturize the throat


1. Remove bad breath

2. Discomfort in the throat, dry itching, dry cough, sore throat, throat congestion, etc

3. Dry throat, burning, painful swallowing, pharyngeal congestion, etc



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           Guangxi Golden Throat Co., Ltd is Guangxi's advanced pharmaceutical enterprise and during the reform is springing up as superb science and technology enterprise.
The factory origin lies in Liu Zhou city as the second candy factory,started march 6th 1956 as to fit in with the market needs.With Jiang Pei Zhen as the first factory director, that in December 12.1994 prepared to construct a pharmaceutical factory,and by self raising 7.8 million yuan towards transforming in into advanced technology and technological equipment. At the same time it was checked and accepted by the Guangxi autonomous region's public health bureau and the drug administration office, thus authorized as Guangxi'Jin Sang Zi'or'Golden throat'phar-maceutical factory

        The factory is located at Liu Zhou city centre,No.28 Yue Jin street, has an srea of 33.000 sq, meters,and residential buildings in an area of 102,000 sq. meters. possesses an international advanced equipment of the 90's,one of each spain,Germany and ltaly pharmaceutical production lines,16 sets of heavy machinary,in a total value of 220 million yuan, and currently employs over 700 workers.

         With 48 years history of hardious, ploughing and weeding, so at last booms the flower of high science and technology at Golden throat. At present equally standing as standard remedies are: Golden throat lozenge, Luo Han Guo Yu Zhu prescription.

        Luo Dai Ta Ding capsule for high collesterol.Ning xin Bao capsule,Li Tong capsule, and Li Qing capsule for protecting from and treating heart diseases.
Xin Le capsule Yin Qi Tong Mai capsule for reviving blood and removing stagnation.

        Golden throat lozenge originated from shanghai Hua Dong Teachers University,  biology department professor, famous cellular biologist wang Yao Fa's scientific research achievement, According to chinese medicine theory 'medicine and diet have the same source', biology SOD doctrine and by the use of scientific research and methods, he used 10 different chinese medicinal herbs with honey meit, and so it was formed. This lozeng ①has the functions of dispersing wind and clearing heat, resolving toxins and swelling, benefiting the throat and stopping pain. It is being used for treating sore throat and swollen throat, loss of voice, acute laryngitis and pharyngitis and for bad breath.All together has a success rate of 96.7%. ② put it in the mouth it is cool and refreshing and within minutes the result can be felt. ③can be held in the mouth for 20 minutes as the medicine has a gentle and harmonic nature④ the medicine effect is on the throat cells, preserve the cell live, and has no side effect.

        This product can be used by exhausted throat, excessive drinking and smoking and for those who use their voice often, such as teachers, singers, broadcasters, public relation, news workers etc, and even karaoke lovers, as well as making an excellent travel kit. Its sales quantities in china won it titles as the country new level product and Guangxi's famous brand product.

        Presently, The products of Golden Throat Lozenge by our company are sold to: U.S.A,Canada,Russia$,U.A.E,South Africa,Singapore,Malaysia,Indonesia and so on. What's more, our goods have won high appreciation among our customers and established in the world.