Fish Cutting Blade

by Liuzhou Li'an United Blade Co., Ltd.

For fish processing

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We’re confident that our fish cutting blades are one of the best in the marketplace, offering unrivaled quality, durability and overall value.

LUK knives offer a number of benefits, enabling you to reduce your production costs.

  1. Sharper cutting edge – lasting longer
  2. Easy sharpening
  3. Anti-corrosion
  4. No cracks
  5. Less fish waste
  6. More than 50% reduction in knife changes

„„Significantly improved tool life

Repeatable results, time after time, are what youd expect from LUK Knives.

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20-50 $35
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Liuzhou Li'an United Blade Co., Ltd.

Liuzhou Li'an United Blade Co., Ltd. ( is located in Liuzhou, an important industrial town in Southwest China. It is committed to the development and manufacturing of high-precision and high-quality mechanical blades, and maintains long-term cooperation with well-known brands in the industry . Every year, 300,000 pieces of blade products are sent from our factory to 88 countries and regions on six continents, 70% of which are sold to European and American markets. These well-made blades are widely used in food, paper, printing, recycling, forest products, tobacco and other industries, and have been well received by customers.
After 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, we have established a rich inventory of special alloy steels, and have mastered the corresponding special production technology, and established a strict quality control system. While inheriting the traditional fine craftsmanship, we continue to innovate and develop and introduce new technologies and equipment. Now we not only have hundreds of production equipment and complete testing equipment such as CNC machining centers, high-precision CNC grinders, high-temperature CNC heat treatment furnaces, etc., we also introduce industry-leading automated processing units and hold 7 patents. Relying on our advantages in various aspects, we can provide customers with different needs with long-term and stable quality products and fast and timely delivery.