The fireproof glass is made of multiple layers of original glass, sealed with special flame-retardant rubber strips around, and filled with fireproof glue in the middle. After curing, it becomes a transparent jelly and is bonded to the glass as a whole. After the fireproof glass encounters high temperature, the transparent jelly-like fireproof glue layer in the middle of the glass will harden quickly to form an opaque fireproof insulation board. While preventing the flame from spreading, it also prevents the high temperature from being transmitted to the back fire surface.
Performance characteristics:
1. It has outstanding fire and heat insulation properties (the time of fire and heat insulation is greater than 60min), which can isolate flames, smoke, and toxic gases.
2. A greater degree of blocking radiant heat and heat transfer, truly protecting personal safety
3. It is a safety glass with high impact resistance, good safety, strong weather resistance and durability in the middle layer, and no bubbles.
4. It has a good sound insulation effect and can meet the perspective needs of natural lighting.
5. The original glass can be physically tempered, which reduces the difficulty of tempering processing.
6. It can be used for curtain walls and the advantages of curved surface processing.


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Guangxi Yikai Glass Technology Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 80 million yuan. The company's factory covers an area of 40 acres, a production workshop of 18,000 square meters, a comprehensive building of 2,300 square meters, more than 200 workers, and a total investment of 100 million yuan. The company adopts the first automatic production process line in South China, mainly processing mid-to-high-end architectural glass, special fire-resistant glass, and furniture and appliance glass as its main products. The annual processing of tempered glass is 3.8 million square meters, insulating glass is 2.9 million square meters, and laminated glass. 400,000 square meters of glass, 500,000 square meters of fireproof glass and door and window glass. The company has a complete set of glass deep processing equipment, from glass cutting, edging, cleaning, perforating, tempering, hollowing, laminating and other processes independently, and the products have passed the national CQC center CCC mandatory product certification.