Wipe products
Product features: Designed according to product use, achieved through different sizing amounts, to achieve the product without dust. Glue is water-soluble, and fiber bonding is basically not affected by water; therefore, compared to glued paper, composite paper that mainly relies on two-component bonding to provide strength can maintain higher wet strength. According to customer requirements, we can provide high stiffness or soft products; color can be added when sizing, so that customers’ products can be distinguished from other customers in another way.


Pure heat sealing products (TBAL)
Basic weight: 50—120g/m2

Product features: soft and loose material, fast absorption and penetration speed, good water absorption performance; different quantitative product performance is slightly different, the overall trend is larger quantitative / product bulkier, higher absorption rate (g/g). There is dust in the use process. On high-speed machines, customers generally install a closed dust shield on the unwinding system, and even add vacuum suction, which greatly reduces the impact of dust; it can also be controlled by adjusting the process formula— —High tightness, high fiber content, and relatively small amount of dust.


Comprehensive Law Products (MBAL)

Product features: For those customers who cannot accept dust, the dust can be locked by sizing to reduce dust. Different sizing ratios can be designed according to the product, single-sided sizing or double-sided sizing can be carried out, or the fiber distribution can be changed, one side of the fiber and the other side of the sizing can also play a role in reducing dust; color can be added when sizing, so that customers ‘S products are distinguished from other customers in another way.


Contains SAP absorbent

Product features: The product design feature is to take advantage of SAP’s high absorption performance and strong water retention capacity. Product performance is directly affected by SAP, forming products with different liquid retention and high absorption speed. The DAN-WEB production line forms the product’s own performance-maintaining high wet strength, and the original shape of the product can be maintained without looseness after SAP is absorbed. It can be developed according to the special needs of customers; sizing can be carried out according to customer requirements. After sizing, the product can increase the user’s speed and reduce dust. Different glues can also improve product performance (surface diffusion performance/stiffness) .



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Brief Introduction of Nanning Qiaohong New Material Co., Ltd

Nanning Qiaohong New Materials Co., Ltd. is an autonomous region " high and new technology enterprise " controlled by Nanning Sugar, a listed company, and the first listed company on the " National Equities Exchange and Quotations " of Nanning State-owned Assets System. The stock code is 870931. Registered address is No. 6, Zhihe Road, Guangxi ASEAN Economic and Technological Development Zone. The company has passed the customs general enterprise certification. The main business of the company is to develop, produce and sell new super absorbent materials, filter materials, sound insulation materials, kitchen wiping paper and other related products, air-laid paper, composite core materials, Multi-Form new materials, melt-blown fabric and other related products, and provide after-sales service. Since 2010, Qiaohong brand air-laid paper has been successively awarded as "Guangxi famous Brand Product" and "Guangxi Famous Trademark". The company is the second largest nonwovens manufacturer of high-end airflow net-forming technology in China, and belongs to the high and new technology industry encouraged by energy-saving and environmentally-friendly countries. The company's Multi-Form strategy emerging technological transformation project is included in the second batch of "Double Hundred Double Innovation” projects in the autonomous region in 2019.
At the beginning of this year’s epidemic, the company relied on the advantages of Multi-Form technology and turned into medical melt-blown fabric research and development and quickly realized mass production, and fill in the gap in the supply capacity of medical surgical grade melt blown fabric in Guangxi. It was successively listed as an autonomous region and national epidemic prevention material production key enterprise and so far supply of medical grade melt-blown fabric more than 500 tons, for more than 500 million surgical masks provides qualified "chip", for Guangxi and the whole country epidemic prevention and control has made a positive contribution.