Factory certified one-piece WC toilet with water tank

by Guangxi G&M Enterprise Management Co.LTD-Bathroom

Meijie Rustic and refined,white one-piece toilet (double-press siphon type) brings you a more comfortable experience.

Material: Ceramic

Model size:LZN-24  710*365*715mm

Mix. Pit Spacing:300mm

Feature:Floor type automatic operation double flushing direct drainage type with water saving function

Warranty:Products can enjoy a five-year limited warranty

Application:The fusion of traditional to modern minimalist style is suitable for hotels, villas, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, sports fields and other fields


LZN-24 Overall display


Product video introduction guide



Brand Name:Meijie Toilet

White color better integrates your home style

Using clean glaze, the glaze reflects super gloss

Ceramic material is more compressive


Factory certified one-piece WC toilet with water tank


Flush button show


Push-up type, double-headed, long double flush button, large area, More water saving and more convenient

Left and right are divided into short button and long button

After use, lightly press the water source to output

When you press the short button once, it is the minimum flush volume, and the long button delivers more water


Factory certified one-piece WC toilet with water tank


After siphon jet flushing, drain through S-type trap, which is better than straight drain, reducing water pipe blockage


Buffer cover function


Comes with cushioning cover and cushion to give you a more comfortable experience


Factory certified one-piece WC toilet with water tank


When the use is over, cover the cover to effectively prevent the odor from flowing out


Factory certified one-piece WC toilet with water tank


More comfortable cushion, can sit for a long time without numbness

The smooth surface makes cleaning easy


About after-sales

Five-year warranty

We will provide you with online technical support, welcome to order!


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