Cast iron pipe bs437

by Guangxi Wuzhou Chenglin Trading Co., Ltd

The gray iron flexible interface (rubber ring) pressure pipe is suitable for water supply, gas transmission or sewage discharge. Its pipeline construction and installation are simple, sealed with rubber ring, and have strong adaptability to foundation subsidence and earthquake with certain crack degree

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The continuous cast iron and centrifugal casting flexible joint (rubber ring) sewage heavy pipe body size specification is designed and produced according to British b.s.437 standard. It is qualified after 345 kPa hydraulic test. The interface between pipes does not need filler, but is sealed with rubber ring. The pipeline installation is convenient and simple. It has strong adaptability to foundation subsidence, complex terrain and certain crack degree. The two kinds of pipes are lined with cement to make the inner wall more smooth. The internal and external wall of the pipe is coated with asphalt paint in accordance with the standard of b.s.3416


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