3D polymer pillow

by Guangxi Honghui Home Technology Co., Ltd

The spinneret pillow is made of thermoplastic elastomer material with food contact level, safety and environmental protection, interwoven in water. It does not absorb water, has strong water resistance, health, environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless and recyclable. It can be ventilated and ventilated on six sides without stuffy heat / perspiration

High stability, no deformation, reduce the burden of turning over, soft and flexible, folding and mute shock absorption, 100000 times of extrusion detection, the rate of under thickness is only 5.6%

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Unit price: 50 yuan / kg

Weight: 0.35-0.6kg (thickness and size can be customized)

Specification: 30 * 50 * 8cm

Quantity price range: 30-60 yuan / piece


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