3D polymer mattress

by Guangxi Honghui Home Technology Co., Ltd

The spinneret mattress is made of thermoplastic elastomer, a new material of food grade safety and environmental protection, which is non-toxic, tasteless, recyclable and environmentally friendly.

The difference in water temperature between 200 ° C and 13 ° C enables the material to be integrated at the moment it enters the water without absorbing moisture, resulting in a product with extremely strong water resistance.

The whole product adopts the way of no-contact winding method and drawing net type support. Each mattress has more than 60,000 support points. Each support point can play a role of balancing and supporting the human body. Such design makes mattress can conform to the curve of the human body completely, release cervical vertebra pressure effectively.

All six sides of the product are ventilated and can breathe freely. When the human body moves, the air then forms the air flow inside the mattress, ensuring that the user is ventilated and breathable during deep sleep without sultry heat and sweat accumulation.(With special effects of air circulation)

In up to 100 thousand times of extrusion testing, the thickness under rate is only 5.6%, which fully proves that the product is highly stable and will not be deformed. It is soft and flexible so that it can be folded and has the characteristics of mute and shock absorption.

This mattress has the touch of q-bomb, more fit and adapt to the curve of human body, and can reduce the burden of turning over when users sleep. It can respond to any movement of the human body in a timely manner, and also helps you to shape your body during sleep.

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Unit price: 30 yuan / kg (US $):

Weight: 25-50kg (thickness and size can be customized)

Quantity price range: 1100-1800 yuan / set


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